Your website should be making you money 24/7 💸 - Paula Borowska

Your website should be making you money 24/7 💸

I see it all the time, websites that are losing sales and turning away customers because of costly, yet avoidable mistakes.

There’s a good chance you’re leaving money on the table.

It’s a terrible feeling to know you are missing out on sales or signups. Knowing your conversion rates can be better can feel infuriating. I hate the feeling of knowing my sales funnel should to reflect my current business needs instead of last years’. I’m sure you do too!

Stop procrastinating – the time is now!

Are your website and branding updates falling lower and lower on the priority list? When you postpone until tomorrow, you are letting sales and signups become missed opportunities today.

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What’s the ROI of a designer?

I will give you a brand of your dreams. 😍
One that resonates with your target audience. 🎯
One that gets you those sales and signups.💸

My mission is to see female-run online business kill it online! I want to see you and your business thrive! I want to help get your message heard so you can help your own tribe!

It sounds silly but I’m 100% serious – let me empower you by giving you a strong online platform starting with a website that makes you money. I want nothing more but to see you kick ass!

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It’s time for you to take action

If you’re committed to stop leaving money on the table and getting your message heard by even more of your people, let’s go! Let’s go right now!