To wow is to inspire a relationship between the product and the audience.

A Paula Borowska Résumé

It important that we enjoy what we look at. Good designs catches our attention, wows and dazzles us while good functionality makes us opt out of thinking about how to use the product.

There are no excuses for not thinking about your costumer’s needs and wants. It is not about how you can make money, it is about how you can help people and make them happy.


Heuristic Evaluations
User Research
User Testing
User Flow
Information Architecture
Project Management
Content Management
Competitive Analysis
Mobile Experience
Responsive Design


I have taken a class about how to write which discusses techniques about writing well and to the point. Ever since its first day, I looked at reading and writing in a new light. Now that I know the secret formula for writing well, I love doing so. I have written blog posts on various subjects relative to the web industry which range from interview tips to the importance of good UI. I have learned the importance of good written communication on which I am improving daily.

September 2012 - Present

At this small – but fierce – start up, I have lead a variety of different projects. At this position I balanced autonomy with project management. I have developed the product’s interface in correspondence to user feedback through user interviews and research. I was in charge of launching a side project that is gathering emails from potential users. I have also updated several designs ranging from UI elements to PPT slides that helped unify the look and feel of the company and it’s products across various platforms.

Clothes Horse
September 2012 - December 2012

Mainly, I advised on how an upcoming app should work and behave. I participated in the brainstorming of its features, interaction, layout and functionality among other things. For instance, I helped figure out how to go about creating a navigation for an app based on its content, architecture and overall needs. I have analyzed the content, the architecture, the users and company needs in order to provide the best interaction and user flow. Just like with any other project, the target audience's needs and expectations were kept close to heart in order to make the best possible app.

June 2012 - October 2012

At RedRover, I have helped in rebuilding the client’s portal. The functionality and the visual design needed to change and improve - for instance, improving the navigation and the labeling of pages as well as input fields. Additionally, I helped improve the functionality of the main website and the mobile app. Once again, however, I kept in mind user capabilities, limitations and rid of anything confusing or repetitive.

June 2012 - September 2012

This position allowed me to help a verity of students – many of which became my regular tutees. I have learned not only how to communicate well but how to adapt my communication in order to best allow the student to comprehend the study material. This position has truly proven that everyone learns and obtains information differently – in order to be a good communicator you have to spot the unique way and help/teach accordingly. My communication, time management and leaderships were tested with each student but they also were sharpened too.

The New England Institute of Art
September 2011 - September 2012

I redesigned and rebranded the company’s website. The new look and usability allows for a new standard in the industry. Additionally, I taught the company’s development and management teams about the importance of usability. Throughout the whole project, I kept the target user in mind: their environment, age, technical skills, reason for being on the site and so on. The new site needed to be easy to use and very straightforward.

Standard Radio
December 2011 - January 2012


The New England Institute of Art

Web & Interactive Media

(December 2012)
Alpha Bettta Kappa


Human-Computer Interaction

Stanford University

June 2012

Writing in Sciences

Stanford University

November 2012

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