I’m a web designer who helps companies grow.

You’ve got your business all nice and running, but it’s not at the level you want it to be. You want to take it to the next level. You want your customers to keep happily coming back to you. Or, right now, you just want more customers to begin with.

You want your business to be the go-to place. Or, maybe, you want to improve your bottom line. You need some help getting your business to the next level.

I get you… And, I got you too.

That’s precisely what I can help you do!

Hey, a Paula =D

My name is Paula Borowska. I work with female-led startups and female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. My passion is helping people have slightly more comfortable and more pleasant lives. I do this one project and one client at a time.

On curiosity.

I am highly interested in psychology and why people do things, or not. I use this knowledge and curiosity to understand the businesses I work with and, more importantly, their customers.

On being a designer.

Being a designer allows me to see businesses from a different perspective which focuses on two things: your customer’s needs and how to be strategic about implementing your customer’s need into your business.

On a personal level.

Just in case you want to know me more personally, here you go. I’m originally from Poland by way of Long Island, NY. Currently, I split my time between Long Island and the Philippines.

I’ve been a designer for over seven years now and I’ve been freelancing (this time around) since mid-2016. I am a little obsessed with cognitive and behavioural psychology as well as social economic. It’s what I read to help me do my job better but mostly because I truly enjoy it.

Growing up.

Growing up, I always admired older people with great stories to tell. That’s how I wanted to lead my life, and so I do. I travel and plan for experiences of all sorts.

I’ve slept in the Sahara under the night sky while looking over the Moroccan/Algerian border. I trained in Muay Thai and boxing for three months in the Philippines. I got a Sak Yant tattoo in Bangkok (that I forget I have). I almost fell off a waterfall in Brazil. I will always remember that I couldn’t book a horseback riding session in La Paz, Bolivia because of “technical difficulties with the horses.” 😆

The list goes on…


I like to study and read about art history. I think it depicts historical circumstances in a much deeper, interesting and empathetic light. It gives me a more significant understanding than typical history books did. Also, I like art.


I’m fascinated by different cultures and different stories people have to share. I’ve met all sorts of people, from wealthy Indian doctors with a passion to explore the outside world, to boxing trainers scraping by who have a different view on enjoying life.

Thanks to my travel endeavours, I’ve grown empathetic, more understanding and a whole lot more curious.


I also love languages. I considered becoming a linguist at one point. I speak Polish, English, and Italian. (I will not be listing HTML here.) I can understand some basic Spanish. My boyfriend is currently teaching me two Filipino dialects, Tagalog and Bisaya. “Salamat sa pagbabasa, po!”

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